Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Manly Bag or baguette

When was is it decided that a man with a clutch is unacceptable. I am sick of having to carry around either everything in my pockets or in a messenger bag. I detest bulky pockets that bulge out like two massive erections, and I am through with the messenger bag that's just bothersome on days when all I need is storage space for my keys, phone, money, cigarettes ... need I go on?

I want a clutch!

A man can carry a clutch or any such small bag and pull it off as long as one carries it with a sense of nonchalance. For that matter, a man should not fear the clutch's neglected brother, the tote, for everyday use. I love this Louis Vuitton Richard Prince joke tote. I want to hate it but I can't! It is too garish to not like. I'm sure I will see some trashy blonde bitch swinging it around paired with her True Religion jeans and Abecrombie t-shirt......Ugh!!!!!!

(picture provided by http://www.iofferphoto.com/)


This Hermes green clutch is so chic and luxurious. It's great for everyday use.

This Prada clutch from fall 07 is simply beautiful and the ombre effect on the leather is breath-taking.
(www.pursepage .com)

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