Monday, February 23, 2009

IDK what this means

I haven't posted in a long time. It's kinda depressing actually. I've been in a bad place in my life and instead of taking proactive steps to making my life better. I've just been wallowing in my own self pity. I've moved back in with my parents which is rather disheartening. Now it seems as if New York is years away. For some reason when I walk into my house I feel this stifling opression come over me. I can't think or feel creative at all. My parents go to bed at 10 and constantly complain about me being too loud and coming in too late. I'm currently looking for a job and new place. I feel a new start with a new place would make me feel better.

Okay.....this is a fashion blog so I feel I should say something about the NY collections that just ended and the London collection that just began.

First off. I had very few favorites. It seems like many New York designers are letting the recession get to them. There were three camps of designers in NY this fall. The first are the ones who let the economic slump overpower them. They delivered severe clothes with no real panache. Some say in these uncertain times where even the big names are hemorrhaging money, designers should stick to special pieces that will weather trends and the recession. We'll find out later if they are right when stores put in orders for the collections.

Then there are the designer who feel they must force a kind of optimism on us. Marc Jacobs I felt did that. His clothes were full of color and print. He was inspired by the 80's and going out. When girls used to spend all evening devoted to preparing themselves for a night out on the town. Each girl had her own individual make up and hairdo. It was good concept, but in reality the collection felt like a fashionable Frankenstein. A mish mash of elements and ideas. He fused them together and shocked them into life with mood music. But, like Frankenstein the collection lacked the true light that makes something thrive and live with the veracity that is good fashion.
Another collection that forced optimism on us by ignoring the economic slump all together was Marchesa. The two design partners unveiled an escapists collection. They'll no doubt be a hit with the Hollywood crowd. Their clothes are glamorous and pretty. But, sometimes feel overdesigned.

The last camp of designers were the smart who stuck to their guns. They made clothes that they loved and it showed threw every seam and cut. Fransisco Costa at Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, Alexander Wang, Doo Ri, Chado Ralph Rucci, and Ralph Lauren were all standouts.