Monday, June 30, 2008

Style Muse

so I have recently been obsessed with M.I.A. You know ... the UK rebel with a hard grimy sound and lyrics straight out of a freedom-fighter's manifesto. formerly a Central Saint Martin's student, now an unstoppable musical artist. She is the hipster darling of many an indie magazine like Paper. Google her dammit! J<

Friday, June 27, 2008

pBc's blasphemous addition to the blog

this is to let anyone (if there is anyone reading this) know that joi de vivre is now a joint venture. jeremy (now christened w/ the sexy new title "j<") has invited me to re-fashion his fashion/art blog. start reading, you might learn shit.

some things you can look forward to:

  • EM critique--they just might suck

  • flats? da shit or shit

  • BRING BACK TASSELS/FRINGE: 20s = right way ... now = not so much

  • back to black: the lil' black dress

  • ND done right: movies, books, junk--which leads us to ...

  • shi-Treasures

  • drink o' the week

  • (and, most important) weekly wunnah-fuck

While we have the time


It doesn't matter what your sexual preference is, everyone must admit this couple exudes a type of animal magnetism that draws you in. Every picture of these two seems as if they've just finished making sweet, raunchy, dirty love to each other. Check their backs, I'm pretty sure there are rug burns on both of them.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Land of Aesthetically Dead

I truly abhor Walmart. And not just the corporate beige entity that it is but also for the mediocrity at low prices that it promises. The people inside have this sad sheepish look on their faces. Transfixed by cheap 2 for 1 sale on plastic pitchers and over sized ill fitting coordinating denim outfits with bejeweled accents they shuffle the white sterile floors hunting for bargains like zombies in a bad B-movie horror film.

Places like Walmart and bargain bins like it steal the joy of shopping. The hunt for a prize that one never knew they wanted. They joy of a half off item that a person can cherish is lost on the zombies of fluorescent lighting. Accustom to the aisles of useless clothing and poorly made dish wear, the zombies rear back in fear at the prospect of something with quality and elegance found after a good search.

Also the bad lighting does nothing for ones appearance

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Viva Milano

Milan's Spring 09 Menswear is open for business and I have already found one of my favorites of the season. Not for its innovation but for its pure sex appeal. Dolce & Gabbana rolled out an impressive ad wearable wardrobe for the modern man. And the design duo channeled the sex pot playboys of the fifties and sixties for their inspiration but updated the silhouette by making the pants fit looser and the jackets tighter. Even when these Hughe Hefner wanna be's are dressed down in open toed sandals and silk shorts they ooze elegance and sex.

I think that next spring I'll be needing me a silk ascot and maybe a bow tie.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Vogue's blackout

I am ecstatic about the upcoming Italian Vogue issue that not only dedicates an editorial on fashion's obsession with all things pale and bland but puts aside a whole issue to the absense of black girls on the runway and in magizines. Tokenism is one the major issues of fashion today. Along with model weight, there is a lack of global fashion showing diversity. Hopefully this issue will act as a domino effect among the fashion elite and style capitols like Milan and Paris will take notcice.
Fashion is about aspiration and dreams. There is no doubt about that but aren't our dream technicolor and not beige. I'm looking forward to seeing this issue portraying every degree of beauty in the black woman's arsenal.

I also find it slightly odd that Italy a considerably less diverse coountry compared to the U.S is doing an all black issue. I think Anna Wintour should stand up and take notice.