Tuesday, July 1, 2008

east by west

TAKASHI MURAKAMI is exploring/exploiting not only the variety within his japanese culture, but that of the western world as well. how can he get away w/ it, perhaps b/c he thinks it's all fair game. on his site--
http://www.takashimurakami.com-- he claims in the spirit of OSCAR WILDE: "When I consider what Japanese culture is like, the answer is that it all is subculture. Therefore, art is unnecessary."
in 2004 he released a line of LOUIS VUITTON bags grossing around $30m dollars world-wide. however, he focuses more on the anatomy of anime and their ... hm-hm, shall we say bodily functions. not to undermine his versatility, but most striking are his series of semi-nude/nude anatomically correct anime-esque sculptures caught in the act of lactating or ejaculating, but not in the least modest as bright smiles are plastered across their faces. he is also widely acclaimed for his adorable DOB creature (who's bright eyes can be seen in the LV print above).


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