Friday, July 11, 2008

Denim Cut-offs for men

I recently wore a DIY fashion experiment that I had created on a boring Saturday filled with hours of time that I had free.

I've had a pair of destroyed jeans that I had bought during my Abercrombie and American Eagle phase for ages and the seams below the knee started to come loose. I didn't want to just throw them out. I had payed a good amount of money on them and my dad had threatened to throw away every time he saw me prancing around in them.I loved these jeans, I had saved them from the trash so many times.
So after seeing a few men on the Sartorialist and other streetstyle blogs sporting the look I happily took to the pants that had supported my ass through 3 years of high school with a pair of scissors.
They turned out ok....the legs are a little uneven but I think that it gives them character. Plus the looks people give me when they see a boy in cut off jeans are interesting. They're only cut off right above the knee and I would occasionally roll them up to my thigh and wear them a few inches above my knees but I think for many southerners I am showing more that the prescribed amount of leg a guy suposed to show. But, oh well maybe when fall hits I can wear leggings and really shake things up.

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