Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I was reading Hipster Runoff....yes I read hipster runoff, and guess what? I enjoy it too.
It's irreverent, ironic, and occasionally relevant. Any way I was reading a post about PBR maybe not being cool anymore and I started to think about what my alcohol choice said about my own personal branding. So now I'm trying to find a beverage that will get me toasted and at the same time add to my image/kewl factor.

Something cheap and boho maybe slightly intellectual: like a famous write might have drank himself to death with it.

I would choose Soco but it's too sweet and makes me want gag when ever I drink it. It sorta makes me feel like a bad southerner.

I think maybe I should start drinking colt 45. I am black but not very stereotypical black. It would be ironic for me to drink it. Then maybe I could start smoking menthols like kools.

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