Sunday, May 17, 2009

fashion, whiskey and romance......late at night

To nights is the first night that I will be going to bed alone and ok with it. It's taken awhile to getting used to the idea that my soul mate isn't going to drop from the sky. It's just that I've wanted to be in love so bad. So that I finally I can feel the feelings I read about or see in movies. But, ;ove rarely happens like that. And when it does it is sporadic and has no predictable pattern. But, I'm slowly getting used to the idea that being single is ok. Wild romances and affairs are for made up characters. Reality rarely allows for such flurishes. I'll get mine in the end I just have to wait and be patient.

This blog is turning out to be nothing about fashion oops.....

But here is something fashion related. Chanel Resort 2010 in Venice. Fanciful and delectibly 20's. Right in keeping with my recent obsessio with anything from the jazz age.

I really want to have a 20's party. Opium den or prihibition club ambience and everythind. A smoky den, gin, and good jazz. hmmmmmmmmmmm dreams will one day come true

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