Friday, June 20, 2008

Vogue's blackout

I am ecstatic about the upcoming Italian Vogue issue that not only dedicates an editorial on fashion's obsession with all things pale and bland but puts aside a whole issue to the absense of black girls on the runway and in magizines. Tokenism is one the major issues of fashion today. Along with model weight, there is a lack of global fashion showing diversity. Hopefully this issue will act as a domino effect among the fashion elite and style capitols like Milan and Paris will take notcice.
Fashion is about aspiration and dreams. There is no doubt about that but aren't our dream technicolor and not beige. I'm looking forward to seeing this issue portraying every degree of beauty in the black woman's arsenal.

I also find it slightly odd that Italy a considerably less diverse coountry compared to the U.S is doing an all black issue. I think Anna Wintour should stand up and take notice.

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