Monday, June 23, 2008

Land of Aesthetically Dead

I truly abhor Walmart. And not just the corporate beige entity that it is but also for the mediocrity at low prices that it promises. The people inside have this sad sheepish look on their faces. Transfixed by cheap 2 for 1 sale on plastic pitchers and over sized ill fitting coordinating denim outfits with bejeweled accents they shuffle the white sterile floors hunting for bargains like zombies in a bad B-movie horror film.

Places like Walmart and bargain bins like it steal the joy of shopping. The hunt for a prize that one never knew they wanted. They joy of a half off item that a person can cherish is lost on the zombies of fluorescent lighting. Accustom to the aisles of useless clothing and poorly made dish wear, the zombies rear back in fear at the prospect of something with quality and elegance found after a good search.

Also the bad lighting does nothing for ones appearance

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