Friday, June 27, 2008

pBc's blasphemous addition to the blog

this is to let anyone (if there is anyone reading this) know that joi de vivre is now a joint venture. jeremy (now christened w/ the sexy new title "j<") has invited me to re-fashion his fashion/art blog. start reading, you might learn shit.

some things you can look forward to:

  • EM critique--they just might suck

  • flats? da shit or shit

  • BRING BACK TASSELS/FRINGE: 20s = right way ... now = not so much

  • back to black: the lil' black dress

  • ND done right: movies, books, junk--which leads us to ...

  • shi-Treasures

  • drink o' the week

  • (and, most important) weekly wunnah-fuck

While we have the time


It doesn't matter what your sexual preference is, everyone must admit this couple exudes a type of animal magnetism that draws you in. Every picture of these two seems as if they've just finished making sweet, raunchy, dirty love to each other. Check their backs, I'm pretty sure there are rug burns on both of them.

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