Saturday, March 28, 2009

This post really means nothin

I know this has nothing to do with fashion but lately I've been thinking of everything but fashion. You know......relationships, lost love, non existent love. Basically, the fact that I'm alone and it seems as if everyone else are finding someone. So, I've started retreating into other outlets to either help me understand myself better or to atleast numb the annoying buzzing pain I get when I am around a couple or someone talking about being part of a couple. But anyway part of my distractions has been interiors and decorations. I'm obsessed with moving within the next several months. And the most exciting part about moving is the fact that I will be able to decorate my very own place. Yes, yes.......I'm a big mo. But, I've lived with my parents for the past 20 years with a few brief interludes of campus life. And while that was freedom, living in my place will grant me the freedom that I can never get at home or on campus. But anyway. I found a fresh take on how to display photos without using pesky frames. Instead, you can use glass jars and bottles.

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