Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prompted by the federalise(my parents) and my dwindling bank account I have decided to do the unthinkable.....get a job! It's horrible; I'll be working long hours for minimum wage as I juggle college and and part-time work.
But, the old saying that every cloud has a silver lining is true or at least I'll make it true. Every paycheck I get I will put away an undetermined amount and at the end of an also undetermined time I will buy myself something special. I'll be searching around on eBay and other sites where one can buy discount designer items to find the perfect reward for my hard work as a functioning tax paying citizen.

I'll post things as I find them in hopes the discerning public helping me decide on my monumental task.

Here's a good start; a white wool Balenciaga turtle-neck with black stripe that thicken as the eye moves down the sweater. I also love the gold buttons that go down the neck and shoulder. Perfect winter item!

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