Monday, March 17, 2008

Every great deisgner, stylist, or photograper had some type of female ideal when it came to his creations. Some female presence in his life even if he was gay that tickled his aesthetic fancy. The woman forms some intense spiritual connection to him and was his as he was hers. Her soul, her talents, and her personal style usually intrigued him; Alexander MCqueen had the tragic Isabella Blow, Halston had his Halstonettes Liza and other gracefull women, Marc Jacobs has Sophia Copolla, and Yves St. Laurent had Lou Lou de la Falais.
Well I have a few too. These women exemplify the type of women I wish I could populate the earth with. Their style and personality give them presence and grace that amazes me beyond belief. They are awkward and unprententious yet all of this adds to their fabulousness. They wear flats constantly because they hate heels and go vegetarian after taking a philosophy class. They bust out in song just because they feel like it, even if they are in the middle of the check out line in walmart and fall down flights of stairs because they decided to skip down them. They are critical and sometimes bitchy. They wear clothes they like because they like them and not because they are trendy; and they look terrific! These girls read and are interested in things other than fashion but they know how to look good. These girls are unconventionally glamourouse and wear their weidness like ribbons won at a fair. I love them! They are my girls.

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