Thursday, August 14, 2008


Rick Owens Fall 08 (
Fur is wrong....fur is atrocious......damn fur feels so good on skin. No matter how hard I try to hate fur somethings about it just stand out at things most of us want to attain. Fur, can say to the would different things. Fur has the ability to make a person look tragically rich but if worn with the right amount of irony, fur can be fabulously tragic. I think the trick is to wear fur as if it were another piece of fabric or to wear it, knowing the satirical quality of something that ostentatious.

I think that's why love Rick Owens or for that matter the Furrier that he design for Revillon. While in the hands of a more traditional designer fur might seem stale and dull. But, when seen through the eyes of Rick Owens pieces of fur become elegant and primal creations; unconscious of the fact that they are pieces of dead animals. Tortured femininity is a cornerstone of Rick Owens designs. The women who wear his clothes look like warrior queens when traipsing down streets and catwalks.

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